Sunken city of Ancient Asopos

Prefectural Administration of Lakonia

Located at Plytra [Asopos] in the region of Kokkines. The ruins can be seen on the seabed, along the length of the coast. It was sunk after the earthquake of AD 375. On the neighbouring peninsula of Xyli there was an acropolis with a temple of Athena Kyparissia called “city of the Parakyparissian Achaeans.” Asopos belonged (from 146 BC) to the Peloponnesian League and later (22 BC) to the League of Free Laconians (along with 24 other Laconian cities). During this period, Asopos was one of the League’s most important cities, and struck its own coins with the inscription ASOPEITON.

Sunken city of Ancient Asopos

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