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The village is the seat of the Falesia Municipality. The region has a rich Byzantine, medieval and modern history. In the central square, the visitor can see the Byzantine church of Agioi Apostoloi from the 14th century, with impressive architecture, great religious paintings, marble iconostasis and mosaic floors. Worth mentioning is the architecture of the Byzantine church of St. Athanasios, in the castle. In the middle Ages, the area was part of the Frankish barony of Veligosti. The castle above the village, reveals its medieval past. Segments of the walls and a water tank are the only parts of the castle that survive today. A few kilometers outside the village stands the remarkable Byzantine Monastery of the Assumption Mpoura. In early August the village organizes cultural events, by the name Falaisiotika.

View of the settlement of Leontari
View of the square in Leontari
Square of Leontari village
Church of Leontari

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