Districts and Settlements of the Municipality of Megalopoli

University of Peloponnisos

Seat: Megalopolis
* Population: 8,657 people
* (Census 2001)

The Municipality of Megalopolis based on the homonym city, covers the southwest part of the prefecture of Arcadia and is the third in area and second in population Arcadian State. to the north it borders the municipalities of Trikolones, Gortynos, and Falanthou, to the south the municipality of Falaisia, southwest the Prefecture of Messinia and to the east the Municipality of Valtetsi. Administration is braked down to 31 municipal districts and 40 settlements.

-M.d. Anthochoriou (Anthohori)
-M.d. Ano Karyon (Ano Karyes)
-M.d. Vangou (Vangos)
-M.d. Vasta (Vasta)
-M.d. Gefyra (Gefyra)
-M.d. Thoknias (Thoknia)
-M.d. Isari (Isaris, Petrovouni, Chrousa)
-M.d. Isiomatos Karyon (Isioma Karyon)
-M.d. Karatoula (Karatoula)
-M.d. Kastanochoriou (Kastanochori)
-M.d. Kato Karyon (Kato Karyes)
-M.d. Lykaiou (Lykaio)
-M.d. Lykosouras (Lykosoura)
-M.d. Lykochion (Lykochia)
-M.d. Makrysiou (Makrysi, Lower Makrysi)
-M.d. Malloton (Mallota)
-M.d. Marathoussis (Marathoussa)
-M.d. Megalopoleos (Megalopolis, Oresteio)
-M.d. New Ekklisoulas (Nea Ekklisoula)
-M.d. Neohori Lykosouras (Neochori)
-M.d. Paradeision (Paradeisia, Fanaiti)
-M.d. Perivolia (Perivolia, Vrysoules)
-M.d. Plakas (Plaka)
-M.d. Rapsommati (Rapsommatis)
-M.d. Souli (Soulio, Derveni)
-M.d. Soulou (Soulos)
-M.d. Trilofou (Trilofo, Palaiomoiri)
-M.d. Tripotamou (Tripotamos)
-M.d. Chiradon (Chirades)
-M.d. Chranon (Chrani)
-M.d. Choremi (Choremis, Apiditsa)

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Tel 27910-24290, 22265
Fax 27910-24542
Site www.megalopoli.gr

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