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Near modern Pallantio are some of the ruins of ancient Pallantio, whose residents are said to have contributed to the founding of Rome. The ancient traveler Pausanias visited the ancient city and said that the town was walled and had temples decorated with statues. In the same area the remains of two early-Christian churches were found. Parts of the ancient city were used for their construction. West of ancient Pallantio are the temple ruins (6th century BC) which was probably dedicated to Poseidon and Athena Sotira. Tradition says that this temple was founded by Ulysses, after his return from the Trojan War. He made this temple for the two deities that marked his life. The remaining ruins of show that the temple was magnificent, built with marble from Doliana and with elaborate decoration. On the same location there are traces of an older temple (7th century BC). The excavations have brought to light numerous ancient offerings, which represent humans and animals, as well as jewellery and bronze objects. At a later time, another Christian church was built on top (Metamorphosis). Until the 19th century many parts of the ancient temple were used for the construction of churches in the wider region.

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