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Sapounakaiika is divided into two settlements, the coastal and the mountainous. The coastal settlement is connected to coastal Tyros. The region is of special natural beauty, since it combines the unique slopes of Parnonas with the beautiful beaches. Sapounakaiika is also a beautiful traditional village, where many traditional buildings of local architecture survive. In recent years, there has been mild tourist development in the region. From the mountainous village the view is breathtaking. The area has been inhabited since ancient times and there ancient ruins on Kastro hill. There are ruins of a fortified ancient village possibly of ancient Tyros. Coins, inscriptions, fragments of tools and utensils have been found there. The sections of wall that have been saved, is of the 3rd century BC. From the ancient fortification walls about 300 metres remain and in some parts the height reaches 4 metres. There are also saved sections of towers. The findings show that the settlement reached its peak during the Hellenistic times. Below the hill of the castle is the beach of Lygaria with three preserved mills. Parts of the ancient port of Tyros have been found there. Traditional festivals are organised in the mountainous village on the 21/5 and in the coastal village on the 6/8.

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