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Akovos belongs to the Municipality of Falaisia and is a historic village, built on the slopes of Mount Taygetos, and is connected to the life of Th. Kolokotronis. Akovos is the village where T. Kolokotronis married and lived for many years. Just outside Akovo is the village Drampala, where he fought the troops of Ibrahim (1825). The anniversary of the battle is celebrated on the day of the Pentecost. Kolokotronisí home currently houses the Cultural Centre of the village. Just before the battle of Drampala, Kolokotronis talked to the residents of the village in front of the church of Agia Sotira. There was a stone with Th.Kolokotronisí monogram carved by him. While the troops of Ibrahim were approaching, he made an oblation together with the inhabitants of the village, to build a larger church. Today the oblation has been fulfilled. In the church yard, the stone with Kolokotronisí monogram, still remains. In the village there are many water fountains, as the name of the village reveals, which derives from the Latin aqua (water). The most famous fountain is Neraidovrysi. Around the village there are many chapels, and celebrations are organised there every year. On St. Georgeís day a famous festival is organised due to the old tradition of Kourbani. The custom was started by Kolokotroniís father in law who gave a calf every year to the Saint. Today the tradition continues and only people who do not originate from Akovo have rights to food. Traditional festivals are organised in Agia Triada on the day of the Pentecost, in Agia Paraskevi on the 26/8 and in the church of Virgin Mary on the 15/8. The small church of Agia Solomoni is also interesting. A few kilometers west of the village are the ruins of ancient Klogkova. Various ancient objects of late Roman times, of early Christian and Byzantine periods have been found there. When, by whom and why the ancient city was destroyed is unknown. Later the region was re-inhabited, and was destroyed once again by the Mohammed II (15th century). The ruins of some Byzantine churches (Metamorphosis, St. George, St. Demetrius) still remain.

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