Building of the Commercial and the Industrial Chamber of Argolis, Lamprinidou & Korinthou Strs. at Dervenakion Square

Municipality of Argos

It is a bi-level building, big enough and it is distinguished for the symmetrical position of the openings. It is extremely impressive from its location. It was recently reconstituted and still lodges the Chamber, which had temporarily moved to a building of Korinthou Str. during the reconstitutions works.
We should point out that the Commercial and Industrial Chamber was founded in 1966. Until then, there had been the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Argolidokorinthia. It was lodged in a rented building at first, until the Chamber bought this building and had its own home.
The mansion had come to the domain of the Municipality in 1963, when the fellow countryman Konstantinos Babaliaros died in Atlanta, USA. The use of the building as a clinic for the poor was the willing of the donator Babaliaros. Since the target was unreachable, the City Council decided to shell the building and give the money for the completion of the hospital, with the approval of the Ministries of Financial Affairs and Social Services. Thus, in 1972 the building was bought by the Chamber for 1.600.000 drachmas.
Babaliaros had bought it in 1917 from the merchant and landowner G. Botsos. George Bobos, who as it is mentioned in the contract had bought a laboratory with a basement from Petros Petridis and Aglaea and Vasiliki Papastasinopoulou, was the previous owner of the building. So, Bobos added the first floor later, in 1891.

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