Building of the railway station, 25 Martiou and Philhellenon str.

Municipality of Argos

It was built in the 1880s, since the first, steam-driven then railway arrived at Argos in 1885. It is worth pointing out that the buildings, which were built at that time for many railway stations from Piraeus and Athens to Peloponnese, have some common characteristics. They are rectangular buildings, one-level or bi-level – usually only part of the ground floor has a second floor, like at Argos- they are all stone-built with wooden roofs and tiles. Apart from some neoclassic features –edge-tiles and decorative jagged fascias, the wooden paneled doors and windows, which are arch-shaped, are also noticeable. The arch is decorated form the outside with spoked rails, while the whole opening is surrounded by a flat frame.
These buildings are the first samples of industrial architecture in the Greek territory and combine functional simplicity with architectural solutions and very interesting morphological elements” and they express Charilaos Trikoupis’s policy for the reconstruction of the national network of transport and communications.

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