Establishment of Pan. Vyrlos, 20 Tsaldari str.

Municipality of Argos

It is a bi-level building with many neoclassic elements. The sculptures on the roof are the parts of it, which make it special: it has two earthen statutes of whole bodies, one on each edge of the roof. These statues represent woman figures, and two decorative basins which are also earthen. The building has four statues and four earthen basins on the whole. It was built by the wholesale tobacco merchant Demopoulos, to be used as a tobacco store. The upper level was in fact an attic, separated from the rest of the hall by round rails, and was a space united to the ground floor, which was utilized as a professional lodge. Today it lodges the store of Pan.Vyrlos, who bought the building from the inheritors Ronioti.

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