General Makrygiannisís residence

Municipality of Argos

At 15 Demetriou Gounari str., opposite the entrance of St. Johnís church. It is a stone-built one-level detached house, which had a 4-piece tile-roof. From old photographs and publications it appears that General Makrygiannisís residence was a representative sample of popular architecture.
Makrygiannis lived in Argos during the period 1829-1832, when he built his house, around 1830, and he lived there when he started writing his memoires. Today the roof has collapsed, the window-frames do not exist and the walls constantly decayed, since the mudstone is extremely vulnerable in moisture and rain. When it was characterized as a landmark in 1982, its owner, the mechanician I. Gritzanis, referred to the Council of State to ask for the de-characterizing of the building, arguing that the building was ready to collapse. The Council of State did not only reject the reference, but they also accepted that this is indeed General Makrygiannisís house, based on the historical facts, which was brought to Court. In the effort for the de-characterizing of the building the connection of this building with General Makrygiannis had been doubted.
At this point, we should mention that in case a landmark collapses for any reason, the owner is obliged by the law to reinstate it by his own finances. If the owner disregards, the reinstating takes place ex officio by the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works (MEPPPW), charging the owner with the expenses. But despite the fact that the amount of 23 million had been approved for this purpose by the MEPPPW thanks to the firm posture of the General Secretary of the Ministry Elsa Papadimitriou, Makrygiannisís residence remains a ruin. Letís hope that the ratione materiae responsible Ministries, MEPPPW and the Ministry of Culture, will implement the law and the Makrygiannisís residence will soon be as it was before. It is a building of historical, architectural and cultural value and it can be a cultural point of reference for the city.

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