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Lykean Games

The Lykean Games were among the biggest and oldest spiritual, artistic and sporting events of antiquity. The games were taking place during summers every 4 years in honour of the gods Zeus and Panas. The Games were organised at ....

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Ancient Klimax and the passage of Portitsa

As Pausanias mentions, there were three roads connecting Argos with Mantinea. One of them was the famous Klimax. The realization of such a project, through inaccessible areas, required impressive expertise, but also political, economic and ....

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Geography of Ancient Arcadia

Geographically ancient Arcadia was different than today and it did not included the province of Kynouria, therefore it was not washed by the sea. Despite, however, the absence of Kynouria (today is the largest province), ancient Arcadia was ....

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