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Castle of Oria

Only few parts of the known Frankish castle of Oria still remain. The castle is located on a hill close to the village of Agios Ioannis. The visitor today can see part of the ....

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The Middle Age Town of Tavia

Medieval Tavia was built at the foot of Mount Mainalo. The city was an important cultural centre of the 15th century. It is said that the monks of the Monastery of Piganousis Oreinou, often ....

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The barony and the castle of Akova

The ruins of the Castle of Akova are found 3,5 km outside the village of Vyziki. Akova was one of the most important baronies of Peloponnese during the Middle ages. The barony was ....

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Castle of karitena

The castle of Karitena was built by the Franks in the 13th century at an inaccessible point, on a rock. Today, it is above the village of Karitena. Due to its strategic position it was ....

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Castle of Mouchli

On the hill of Mouchli, just outside the village of Agiorgitika, there are few remains of the Byzantine castle city of Mouchli. The city was built in the 13th century by the ....

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Gortsouli Hill

The hill of Gortsouli is near the villages of Pikerni, Milia, and ancient Mantineia. The fortified settlement is where the prehistoric citadel of Mantineia lied. It is likely that ....

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